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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In the Neighbourhood - SERIES 04

"Lock the door please.."
Shyaam latched the door.

Anushka started.
"Jojo... I am messed up.."
"What are you saying Tai.."
"I mean it. ... I did such a stupid mistake Jojo!"
"What happened Taai.. tell me" Shyaam sat besides her and held her hand.
"Jojo.. you know Rajas right.." Anushka said, still weeping, "I like him.. I like him so much. I love him..."

"Yes Jojo.. don't tell this to Aai-baba please. I told him I liked him. And he said he didn't. Jojo, I was too broke.. so now.."

"Now what.."
"Now he doesn't want to talk to me..."
"Shyaamu.... Jojo.. what do I do?" Anushka began to weep loudly.
"Taai.. you can't do anything about it naa.. I think you should aai-baba"

"No Jojo.. some things should stay between you and me.. promise me that you'll not tell them.."
"I won't.. don't worry..."

There was a knock on the door. "Anu!! I have brought your dinner plate. Open the door..."

Anushka hurriedly wiped her tears with the bedsheet while Shyaam opened the door. Sukanya came in. She could notice Anushka's red eyes. But pretended not to.

"Here you go... Jojo, you want me to get your plate here? Do you want to give taai company?"

"Uhmm.. ok aai.."

Sukanyaa went back to the kitchen. Shyaam and Anushka were having their dinner in their room.

Meanwhile Girish was back from his walk. He was at the dining table with Sukanya. The two were speaking in hushed voices - "Did she tell you anything?", Girish asked.

"No, but I guess she has, to Jojo."

"You want me to ask him?"

"Yes, please do.. but not now. Let them talk for a while..."

"Sukanyaa.. I hope she is not having a boyfriend or something!"

"Girish... since when did you start thinking like this.. we met in college too.."
"Sukanyaa.. it's not that! But she's too young for all this.. She's just in the second year of college.. And in college, we were friends. Remember that, don't you.."
"I remember Girish.. all I want to say is, we should not take hasty steps."

"We won't. Don't worry..." Girish said as he picked up his plate and kept it in the sink. He then went to the basin and washed his hands.

Half an hour later, Sukanyaa was lying on her bed. With her eyes gazing at the lamp which was still not put off.

She was getting worried. She was just not able to sleep. She got up and walked to the kitchen. Drank a glass of water. She hoped she would feel better.

She was walking towards her bedroom again. She saw a figure sitting on the sofa. The lights of the drawing room were put off. She went closer.

The figure seemed to be using the phone. Sukanya looked closer. It was Anushka...

She was talking to someone on the phone. With her head bent down.

Sukanya was shocked. She was standing behind the door for the next thirty minutes.

And Anushka went talking... Sukanya had tears as she started listening to what Anushka was saying...

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