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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Frozen moments

There are moments that fizz. And there are moments that freeze.

The people, the expression in the eyes, the postures - these moments freeze into glistening images on paper. The friend hugging you, the trophy held high up in the air, your balloon-like face when you are putting off the candles on your tenth birthday cake - moments then take a new form. The form that we call, photographs.

Twenty years later, you go through them. The photographs melt back into the moments and take you to a different period in time. You can relish the same moments, relive them whenever you want!

Frozen food that needs to be defrosted and used is a new concept.

Frozen moments have been here for a longer time...

and while relationships and people don't last us a lifetime, it's these photographs, these frozen moments that do!

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  1. hmmm nice thought aadi btw tera description itna emotional kyun hai? :)