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Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Koi naam se pehchaana nahi jaayega"

The advertisement of a cellular operator features Abhishek Bachhan as the head of a village. He, at once, declares that nobody would be recognized by their name. Instead the telephone numbers will be used for identification.

And so the entrance to a wedding says "98235 weds 98645", the slogans at an election procession go "Vote for 9875".

The advertisement is appealing for the fact that it makes target the intrinsic casteism that exists in India. Currently, it's not about the 'high-caste' or the 'low-caste'. It's all the same. As of now, it is about 'my-caste' (which rhymes with 'high-caste') and 'not-my-caste'.

The advertisement is surely intelligently crafted!

*And Aaditya starts shaking his leg - the way Abhishek Bachhan does at the the end of this advertisement!* Remember the day you were watching this advertisement with your family. I am sure fifty percent of the people in the room started shaking their leg that way at the end of the advertisement...

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