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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Great Indian Goofups

History repeats itself. And so do the loopholes and controversies that lie in the history of India...

Some people say Gandhiji's last words were not 'Hey Ram'. He just sighed and died. And his followers who believed that a great man would die in a great great way made up the story. A book quotes Gandhiji's assassin Nathuram Godse saying that Gandhiji did not use the above-mentioned words which have been etched on Gandhiji's samadhi as well.

Some people say Taj Mahal is actually Tejo Mahal, a Shiva temple and what lies in the basement are defaced Hindu idols. It is supported by details like - Taj Mahal has at the apex is a trident, a motif often used in Hindu temples.

Some people say Divya Bharati died after she fell from a cliff. Why would a lady in all her senses fall all of a sudden?

Some people say Netaji Subhashchandra Bose was alive and had become a spiritual guru until recently. Another version says that the Indian leaders who hated him threatened him and asked him to disappear - never to return. The history books say he was kiled in an airplane crash but his body was not recovered from the site.

Some people believe India won the match against Australia recently after the Buckner issue. Another version brings forth the number of Indian sponsors and the popularity the game enjoys in India.

History has different versions. Often, the more powerful names in the society have managed to cover up details and facts. On the other hand, often, the more powerful names have been wrongly accused of covering up details and facts. Many times, they literally 'create' history.

If only time could speak for itself...

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