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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Metaphor Two

Swami Vivekanand, in the pursuit of self-discovery, undertook a foot march throughout the country. He would walk through small hamlets, eat whatever he would get as 'bhiksha' (donation offered to Swamis in India) and then continue.

While he was passing one of the villages, a group of monkeys saw him. The monkeys were reputed to attack men and rob them of all the food they had. The monkeys started running behind Swamiji. Swamiji began to run as well.

The monkeys kept following Swamiji for quite some time. Swamiji stopped and turned back. He stood still. The monkeys stopped too. Swamiji remained still for some time. The monkeys were not expecting this reaction. They thought something was fishy. They fled.

There is a lesson one can learn from this episode. The more we run from problems and difficulties, the more they continue to haunt and bother us. The solution to solving problems begins with facing them!


  1. Ya Aadi

    really was an very good incident you mentioned here, quite an inspiring thought that is being extracted out here.

    Most of us know this but usually dont follow the things

    thats why at the beginning of each sem we all go on commenting

    kay yaar kaise jayega ye sem
    abhi to three months baaki hai
    100 % attendence
    kya bhaari subjects mile he

    n more over that

    comment on the teachers

    ye sem me to lag ne waali he
    ye sub ye le raha he and ye wo!!!

    n so on.....

  2. Thanks Aadi........!!

    wonderful lesson to be learnt....!!!