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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

in need of peace

i need peace. i need silence. i cannot hear what my heart is saying to me.

my thoughts are screaming. and i hear only the sounds of dreams shattering against the rigid floor of reality. i cannot hear what my heart is saying to me.

i can't see where i am heading. because the reality behind selfish relationships jolts me back to a world i so did not want to be in.

i smell blood. blood that oozes out of my nose itself. the blood has managed to break free but the fragrance of my genes wants to get back to where they belong.

i pant heavily. sweat and rain drip down my brow. and i stand amidst the crowd of people. or are they? with the ambitions in their eyes, they look like vicious monsters to me - the ones who'd tear apart anyone who comes in their way...

i need peace. i need to sleep. only to wake up afresh. with the realization that loving yourself is the only religion the world believes in. and embrace the religion too.

( - just a piece of plain fiction. - )

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