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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Village and the wall

Somewhere in the corner of the world, there was a village. I wouldn't name it - because I don't know its name myself. The population of the village was around fifty people.

There was a part of the village dedicated to the fields. There were schools that taught children farming techniques. People cultivated, cooked and ate. It was a happy situation indeed until one day.

A group of kids were playing - they were chasing each other when one of them went on running for quite a distance uphill. The boy's face froze as he saw an enormous shadow falling on him. The shadow was that of a wall. There was a wall almost thirty times his height. He looked around and his jaws dropped. The entire village was surrounded by that wall - and it was that high throughout.

The news spread like wildfire. Everyone in the village went to that spot and saw the wall which had cut off the entire village. The villagers, till now, thought they were the only humans around. Now curiosity had found way in their brains.

There were vociferous discussions over what could exist on the other side of the wall. Some propagated, more humans. Some said, God. Some said there was nothing - they were the only creatures alive.

And one day, they decided to break the wall down. Everyone in the village participated - it was no easy task! They decided to bore a hole in the wall. To be faster, the work was started at three places on the wall.

Several months later, almost at the same time, the wall had three holes at three places.

And wild animals had begun to intrude.

There was a forest all around the village. And the wild animals were more than hungry...

MORAL: If you do not know something, it is quite possible that it's for your own good. Do not try to know something that you perhaps don't need to know. And perhaps the truth would be fierce enough to harm you.

1 comment:

  1. well conclusion out of the story Aadi

    but as usual it is tendency of human being that they try to discover things without thinking that the thing they are trying to find will be good or bad?

    This only led discovery of Nuclear energy, weapons and lot of demolition tools, which we think better if they had not been discovered.

    If you say it is secret, it becomes most interesting for us to find out the secret, we start more viciously finding Answer, without knowing what there can be on other side of wall. we always deliberate thinking there will be heaven on other side, though not always true.