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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Frankly speaking, I heard the word 'makeover' for the first time when Jassi of 'Jassi jaisi koi nahin' was going to have one. Before that, if I changed my hairstyle, it would be just 'change'. If my mom wore a tshirt and jeans while we were in Goa, it would be just 'something different'.

The word 'makeover' assumed importance when Jassi got rid of her glasses and saggy clothes. Or is it just that? When I say I want a makeover, will I just get it when I start wearing 'modern' clothes? (read 'revealing'/'body-hugging')

The issue with a makeover lies in the reason itself. Who do I want a makeover for? And the point is, we often want to change for the people we hate! In the pursuit of proving ourselves, we forget the people who care!

I want to prove a point to a person I hate, I am ready for a change, a 'makeover' - so I want to look good, be smart, throw attitude, etc.

But when my loved one- mom, dad, brother, friend, partner wants me to make an adjustment, we say "It's not me! I cannot change for you! Love me the way I am!"

It's amusing to see that the people who we hate assume greater importance than the ones we love...

...and we wish to have a makeover for the people we hate, than for the people we love!