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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Note: This may be considered a sequel to an earlier blogpost 'No!' The two, however, are independent of each other.

"Yes!" as an exclamation is a sign of confidence, of positivity. "Yes, I can do it!", "Yes, I have done it!" - the expression helps at different points of success.

Psychiatrists suggest a very simple exercise. Stand in front of the mirror, look into your eyes and say, "Yes! I will do it!" Trust me, your face shines with enthusiasm!

One remembers how we go "Yessss!" when something becomes successful. Happier you are, stronger is the hiss in the ''yeSSSS". "YESSS" has a striking resemblance with the word for success in Hindi/Marathi - "Yash".

"Yes!" is not just a proclamation of success - but it also paves path towards it. And as all of us agree, the first step to success is believing in it.

"Yes." is when you agree. Saying yes to your inner questions is one thing. Saying yes to others' questions is another. When you say yes to someone, it becomes one's responsibility. How seriously you say 'yes' is a metric for one's commitment. When you say ''yes, I will do it for you", one better stick to it!

Lastly "Yes?" is a sign of openness. A sign of being receptive to question and being willing to answer.

Yes, in its three forms that I mentioned here - "Yes!", "Yes." and "Yes?" is certainly a weapon. A mode that will bridge the distance between two people.

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  1. Good Thought... Though have to mention excessive optimism even has its side effects....