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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ward no. 2106 - SERIES 05

Disclaimer - The story is a work of fiction. The names of characters and places are imaginary. So are the incidents described.

The story till now: Kanika's boyfriend, James has arrived. He is interrogated by inspector Khan who tells him that he cannot move Kanika to another hospital. Later, Dr. Damle arrives to meet Parvati Aaji. James decides to speak to Parvati Aaji to get her help.

The clock struck twelve. The door of the ward opened. A nurse arrived with a trolley of food. She served two plates - one to Rahul, one to Parvati Aaji. James called out to her and said, "Can I order lunch for myself too?" She replied, "I am sorry sir. We can't serve food to visitors in the ward." The nurse took the trolley out of the ward.

Parvati aaji looked at James, smiled. James smiled back. James got up and walked towards Parvati aaji, "Hello ma'am."

Parvati aaji joined hands and said, "Namaskar."
"Namaskar.", James imitated her, "Ma'am.. actually, my friend here met with an accident. She would be a bit sceptical about being here. I heard..", he wasn't getting the words right. Parvati aaji guessed it.

"No, but.. why don't you ask the authorities yourself? I'll talk to my son though. Don't worry. Just take care of her..."

This was a rather abruptly-ended conversation. But that was because James had hopes that she would do something for him. That evening, he looked worried as he walked up and down the passage. He was worried about Kanika. He remembered the last time they had been to a restaurant. She had created a ruckus when the forks weren't clean.

He remembered how she panicked when their car broke down a highway. They had slept over at a dhaba - not actually, he had slept. And she was awake all night, scorning and sulking away.

And he remembered the description of that day. He so thanked God that he wasn't there at that time. But when Kanika described it to him on their first date, he was scared.

Kanika would constantly fight with her parents when she stayed with them in Kolkata. She would never get along with them. And one day, for a reason James did not know, Kanika went mad at her parents. She thought her parents did not care for her. There was a long story - but it all ended with Kanika packing her bags one fine day and quitting the house. James had seen her parents' faces full of helplessness when Kanika banged the door of her Mumbai house on them, several months later. And he had heard her parents accusing him for all that happened.

James had always asked Kanika to calm down. James had always wanted her to get back to her parents. But whenever he would talk about them, Kanika would go berserk.

James could not let that happen. It was the tiny little thing called love. Kanika came to his life when James lost both his parents and was broke. She became James' strength. She was his luck. Within a couple of months, James was recruited by an event management company - the one he was currently working for. James just loved her - relentlessly. Even last night, he was sitting by her side trying hard not to cry. He remembered the first time he saw her on this bed here. He felt as if he was struck by a lightening when he saw Kanika in that condition.

James broke down. He held Kanika's hand tightly. He was sobbing like a baby. He had a big battle to fight now. He hoped Kanika would recover, he hoped her parents would forgive him and he hoped things would be ok. An endless volley of thoughts seemed to attack him from all sides.

And just then, he had a hand on his back. It was a warm, comforting feeling. He looked up and saw Parvati Aaji smiling at him.

"Don't worry, she will be fine...", Parvati Aaji said.

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  1. The story is going good...

    The emotional portrayal of James at the end of this series makes it quite touchy.